Andrew Shiva is a male exorcist working under Black order. He is a general that guard the north america branch, A point breaker


Andrew is a man in his 30 . He wear normal Exorcist uniform. However, he wear an native america head gear. He carry a large totem behind his back.


Andrew seldom talk much. His voice is low in tone. He has a gentle but serious personality. His joke always ruin the moment.


Andrew live in an ancient america village where one of the totem turn into real animal. This has brought attention to the black order and send harlequinn unit to investigate. The team reach here and confirm the innocence has attached to the Totem. Soon Akuma also arrive and fierce battle occur. Before Akuma can kill Andrew, five totem spirit appear and protect Andrew Harlequinn has determine Andrew is an accommodator.


Andrew is first brought to the north america branch. He work his way up the rank and become a general within 3 year. Along his first year, he found 1 innocence which attach to mirror. The reflection in the mirror can talk at will. Along the second year, he work together with jordan hunter in the incident of mermaid in Algeria. His third year achievement is the race with Noah. The innoncence is a flying wisp taking a form of a round humming bird. The innocence is pass to hevaslaka for safe keeping and later on used by Rowan Talbot. Ironicly, the three innoncence he recover later their accommodator become his unit.

Abilities and Powers

Great Totem (Equipment type)

Andrew possess a equipment type Anti Akuma Weapon. The totem is a special kind of equipment type. Even though it an equipment type, The innoncence grant life to the weapon and separate into 5 animal which is snake, turtle, wolf, buffalo and eagle.

Eagle Wing - It grant Andrew flying ability

Wolf Leg - It grant Andrew fast movement

Turtle Shield - It grant Andrew the power of shield

Buffalo Knuckle - It grant Andrew immerse strength. It so strong that it KO one Level 3 akuma with 1 hit.

Snake Whip - It grant Andrew a whip like weapon which he can swing around.

Totem Territory - He can combine the totem and stomp it into the ground and trap or block and entry and escape within an area unless Andrew granted access.

Totem Cannon- He can combine the totem and turn them into a cannon and fire at the enemy.


  • For my tribe.