Felix is an independent exoricst working alone to fight akuma. He has a short amount of time with Black order before but left as they no longer share the same goal. He is one of the oldest exorcist who has long history with Noah family.


Felix wear an white exorcist uniform similar like komui lee. However, He do not have an black order logo on it. He is carefree and always helping others in needed.


Felix work alone but he is not a loner. He can communicate well with others. He is supporting in teamwork when he meet other exorcist.


Felix is a normal villager living in spain. One day, his innoncence aware and lead him on the journey of battling akuma and noah. He remember all his past life and remember professor. who conduct experiment on him. He has save Allen Walker and Jordan hunter before.


Felix is the exorcist that millenium earl hate very much. He has singlehandedly defeated several noah for many years now. They have put him in one of the top priority enemy like 14th.

Abilities and Powers

Messiah (Crystal type)

Felix possess a crystal type innoncence that stuck on his soul. When activate, the mark over all over his body. His eye glow gold and hand glow brightly.

Natural Manipulation - He can manipulate all natural element at will.

Reincarnation - This is the strongest ability of felix possess. He has the abilty to set a reincarnation route upon his death. He has reincarnate thousand time like noah did. Each times, he die, he become stronger.


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