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I've never known love, ever. My masters before Victorio were terrible and abusive. That's why...I'll be there for him always, because he's always there for me.

–Janette last words to Victorio

Janette Candice

Janette Candice

Character Information
Romaji Name Kandeisu Janeto
  • Candice
  • One-Eyed Lady
Gender Female
Age ~1000
Status Alive
Date of Birth October 3
Partner Victorio (formerly)
Branch European Branch
Weapons Janette's Knives
Race Human
Blood Type B
Family Victorio (master, deceased)
Voice Actor Saffron Henderson

Janette Candice, more commonly called Candice was a female maid in Rome, who took care of Victorio after his fights. However, after coming in contact with Victorio's innocence, she gained a sense of immortality, which permitted her to live over a thousand years.

She is currently a member of the Medical Section of the Black Order, specializing in eye injuries for obvious reasons.



Janette eyes

The difference in eye color between her right eye and her artificial eye

Janette is an attractive woman with long, silver/light purple hair and a single green-blue eye. Her left eye socket is covered with layers of white bandages, in order to cover up her lack of a left eye. Her hair is long, and is tied into a braid halfway down her back. She wears a standard maid uniform, even after joining the Black Order, the most notable thing about this outfit being a saucer-shaped head-band on the top of her head. In addition, she tends to wear a light shade of purple lipstick to compliment her general dark look.

It should be noted that Janette's hair turns white in the presence of Victorio's Innocence, for still unknown reasons. Since joining the Black Order, she has been given an artificial eye to replace the one she lost. Despite this, she still wears bandages over it in order to prevent scaring others with the major difference in eye color.


Janette eye

Janette's eye bleeding

Janette cries

Janette cries for Victorio

Janette tends to give off a quiet and shy vibe because of the general way her face looks: bored but introverted. She rarely speaks, possibly because of the abuse she experienced from a master when she did speak (supposedly "out of line"). Her actions towards helping others are considerably self-less though, ad she lacks any evil qualities. She appeared to deeply love Victorio and possibly opted to care for him out of love.

Janette is considerably submissive to the will of others, acting only for others and not for herself. She often expects everyone to hurt her after she has done something wrong (even if she has done something right in truth) and is prone to flinching when someone raises their hand or the like.

Personal Statistics

  • Education: 3
  • Affinity: 1
  • Battle Ability: 2
  • Mental: 3
  • Flexibility: 5
  • Activeness: 1


Millennium Swordsman Arc

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