Joe Tosca is a male exorcist in Black Order. He is the weakest exorcist recorder in the whole Exorcist list. He is not serving under any unit.


Joe is a Fat Guy who in his 28. He is fat and 100 Kg. He wear normal exorcist uniform just XXX size. He has green hair.


Joe appear to be a big eater. He is low self esteem and always use eating to run away from his problem.


Joe is discover by one of the Finder. He is show to be appear to eat metallic ingredient to survive. The black order find him and bring him back . Hevaslakva examine him and conclude him to be accommodator.


Joe is send to train under general russell but after a while he is kick out by general russell. He hide all the time causing 10 finder to kill by akuma during his first mission. He is too afraid to fight. Ever since, he is branded the Weakest exorcist in the order. He has been sent to station in the American Branch and protect the order.

While Some Akuma Penerate the America Branch, He gather up his courage and fought the Level 3 akuma. and several Level 1 akuma. In the end, He is kill. His body is later use in second exorcist program.

Abilities and Powers

Last Supper ( Parasite type)

Joe possess a parasite type ati akuma weapon. It attached with in his stomach. This has effected his saliva, teeth and mouth. He can swallow and eat akuma like a food. Like Krory able to suck akuma blood. He able to eat them.

Iron Body -With all the Akuma and Metallic he eat, He can harden his skill and defense against the akuma attack.


  • Can i eat this
  • Please no,,, i hate fighting .