Joseph Arthur is one of the member from the Organization call New Cross. He is an exorcist. His initial letter is W. They call him the Wall. He also work as a strategist for the organization.


Joseph appear to be a man in his mid 20. He always appear in blue uniform similar to Black order. He is always seen carrying a file. He wear black frame glasses.


Joseph is very calculative. He never fight a losing battle or another word is that he only fight a 100% sure win battle. He stay at the headquarter and seldom leave or take any mission. He is show to make remarkable leadership.


Joseph like most of the member of the New cross. He is an orphan and took in by the organization at very young ages. They train him and undertook the 2nd exorcist program. He retrieve his own innocence from the Labyrinth of Minotaur at Greece.


As most of the member of the New cross, they spend them lifetime battling akuma. He promote from a appreciate into a real exorcist.

He is first show during the meeting of the New Cross discussing whether to help black order which is under attack. .

Abilities and Powers

Key of Babel (Equipment type)

Heidi possess an innocence shape like an Key. Its size like a normal dagger. The Innocence is a equipment type. Upon activation, Joseph need to truss the Key into a solid object.

Building Manipulation - Upon activation, Joseph is show to be able to control the layout of the building. He is show to be able to reform the whole building. He can build temporary tower, jail to trap akuma, Defense wall from scratch.

Pandemonian Fortress- This is the reason Joseph seldom leave the Headquarter. He is show be able to turn the entire headquarter into a movable battle fortress against akuma. It is show to hold any attack from Akuma from Level 3 easily.


  • It too easy.
  • No one shall pass