Lance is a male exorcist working under Black order. He is part of the Harlequinn Unit. A Point breaker


Lance is a man in his 30. He wear a scard and earphone all the time. He dress in a big coat customized exorcist uniform.


Lance dont talk that often. He love silence. He dont socialize and he go on mission alone like his other nit member.


Lance come from northpole. His family kill by akuma as they are protecting a innoncence until the arrival of black order exorcist but they never did. The innoncence is a angel like creature frozen in ice. In the end, akuma successfully break open the ice. However, the angel like creature is not the innocence. The blue ice itself is the innoncence. It later choose Lance as it accommodator. He singlehanded defeated all the Akuma.


As one of the harlequinn Unit, he defeated one of the Noah. However he later Kill Chang Er Xiang to revenge his family. The order is force to put him down as harming a fellow Exorcist. Yu zhao later reveal to be the exorcist who did not come to the northpole. Lance is later use in Second exorcist program.

Abilities and Powers

Pluto (Euipment type)

Lance possess a equipment type Anti Akuma Weapon. It is his Scarf. Upon activation, It become a icy blue flery Scarf.

Eternal Coffin- He has only one skill. He can manipulate ice and snow. It can frozen anything around him. His ultimate skill is to frozen an akuma in an Icy Coffin.


  • For my family !!!!!!!!