Lucas is an exorcist and a point breaker working for the central and Cardinal church. They call him the executor.


Lucas appear to be wearing cardinal white robe and have a exorcist logo on its back. He wear a high bishop hat and always look down on people through his round glasses.


Lucas appear to be very calculative and judge other for what they did. He appear to be cunny and dislike every in the black order.


Lucas become a exorcist a very young ages. He use to stay in black order as an exorcist. Due to his innoncence, The central took him from Black order and brainwash him to work from them. His family is accuse of being broker to akuma. They were behead by the Villager. However, Lucas survive from the execution and flee. In the end, Black order still find him and took him back.


Lucas Godspell appear to Black order and investigate all the general and his unit. They were all call back to the headquarter due to his Order. He want to investigate if anyone betray the God. He is currently alive and still working with the central church.

Abilities and Powers

Scale of Wisdom (Euipment type)

Lucas possess a equipment type Anti Akuma Weapon. Before it activate, It a cross necklace he wear around him. When activate, it become a floating large scale with angel carving on it.

Lie Detector- He can detect lie easily with his innoncence

Execution Blade - Upon detection of enough sin, It can conjure a guluttine to behead the target.

Limiter - He can absorb any attack with the scale limit. If the limit reach, the scale become a beheaded blade for Lucas.


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