Mavis Lilit

Mavis Lilit
Character Information
Gender Female
Age 16
Status Alive and Annoyed
Date of Birth January 10,
Partner General Yeegar
  • Enigma Branch
  • The Black Order
  • King's Ransom (Sister, real name: Hym)
Innocence Euphony Emission
Type Parastic
  • Enigma Branch
  • European Branch
Weapons A farming scythe normally used for cutting crops but Mavis uses it to protect herself
Race Human
Blood Type O
Height 5'8"
Weight 126 Pounds
  • Hym
  • Evangela Lilit, Deceased Mother
  • Kilo Farr, Missing Father

IMG 2850-1-

Mavis (left) fighting Hym (right)


Mavis find everything annoying. Anything annoying makes her angry. She can't control her emotions but when she does, she is quiet although through her mind might be running ways to kill anything. She doesn't have two sides to her. If she finds someones weakness she uses it to her full extent for revenge and for fun. Aside from being pissed all the time, she likes to have fun. Her idea of having a good time, however, is killing akuma or annoying her peers.



Powers and Abilities