Michelle Wang is a female exoricst in Black Order. She come from china. She is part of the Second Exorcist program after her death. She is part of the china branch.


Michelle Wang appear to be a woman in her 20. She has long black hair with a chinese bun pin behind. Her exorcist uniform customize into a Cheongsam.


Michelle always act very clumsy. She always forgot her mission and go extra mile to help other in trouble. Michelle always try her best even she clumsy.


Michelle Wang is a tailor living in china. General Yeegar has his uniform torn. He meet her to repairing his uniform. At the same time, Akuma arrive to attack the general. In the midst of chaos, one of innoncence General yeegar carry choose michelle as the accomodator. Ever since, She join the Black Order.


As an exorcist, she goes on mission to protect citizen, fight akuma and retrieve innoncence. Her most of notable performance is protect the Emperor of china. Several Level 2 Akuma decide to lead an attack at the emperor castle. She hold off 7 Level 2 Akuma by herself until the emperor get away. She lose her life in the Battle.

Abilities and Powers

Ternyo (Equipment type)

Michelle Wang possess a equipment innoncence. It shape Long mantle she wear around. Upon activation, the robe change into a rainbow color flexible mantle.

Flight- Upon activation, she can flow slightly with the help of innoncence

Friendly Embrace - With her innocence, tenrnyo extend and warp around the akuma and crash it.


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