Nomad Roderick is a male exorcist in black order. He is working under general Yeegar Unit.


Nomad is a elegant handsome young man in his 20. He has a golden curly hair and his iris is blue. He has a sense of music. His charisma show he from the upper class of the society..


Nomad is a poetic person like noise marie. They are close friend. He always talk in poetic and sweet and gentle to his fellow unit.


Nomad is a man who scout by general yeegar. They call him the Music Killer. Before he join the Order, a finder found him. Whenever he play music, someone nearby die. He stop playing music. After then, General Yeegar found him and recruit him.


Nomad like other exrocist. He go out for Mission and deal with akuma situation. He is first show thanking by the villager for saving them from Akuma. In that mission, he retrieve one innoncence. The innoncence is found in a lake. The villager call it the loch ness monster. The innoncence merge with the seaweed and Coral. It become a sea like creature. Villager mistake it from a dinosaur.

Abilities and Powers

Tune of Harmony (Equipment type)

Nomad possess a equiptment type of innoncence. It shape like a normal Violin. He carry in a Violin Case. He activate it by playing it.

Heavenly rock - Upon hearing, it can kill level 1 Akuma, It put Level 2 to sleep. It paralyze level 3. It only slow down level 4

Harmony Tempo - It shoot a small Light beam toward a target.Upon impact on akuma, it explode. Upon impact on exorcist or human, it give them strenght.


  • My music shouldnt kill.