Sabrina is a female exorcisr working under harlequinn unit. She is also a point breaker. The only non human record in the black order history. 


Sabrina appear to be a woman in green skin and vine hair. She always wear a hood and cover her hair and face. She wear a normal exorcist uniform and a long dress to cover up her leg. 


Sabrina has an obedient personality mostly due to her races. She dont know how to reach much with human except the unit among harlequinn unit. 


Harlequinn first discover a strange giant plant in the inner part of amazon forest. The local report that the plant has grow into 10 foot tall. When harlequinn arrive, he notice there a heartbeat inside the plant with his innocence help. Before the other unit cut it down and retrieve it, Harlequinn stop them and wait for 1 month in the amazon. After 1 month, the plant florish and Sabrinais born out of a plant. A parasite innocence attached to a plant and grant human capability to it.  


Harlequinn see the potential in Sabrina and recruit her into the black order. He train her with other two member and she soon become a point breaker easily. Sabrina as an exorcist, other fellow member is afraid of her but not her teammate. All her member is weirdo that why they get along. Her most noticeable deed among her mission is saving general harlequinn from Millenium Earl. She use her Utimate Skill Sunflower Beam to attack millenium earl. In the end, she herself is hurt and get kill. She die in the arm of her general and she turn back into a rose field after her innoncence is shatter. 

Abilities and Powers

Thorny Rosas (Parasite type)

Sabrina is a rose possess by a parasite innocence which turn her into a talking plant with human capability. She is not an innocence like aypcropha. She can turn her hand into flower cannon as basis attack. 

Rose Field -Sabrina extend her root into the ground and spread her entire self throughout the field. She is unstoppable within the field. She can manifest herself anywhere in the field where her root has extend. Her largest extendable area is an entire hill. 

Rose Storm - She dance in the field and cause a rose storm to attack the akuma. 

Healing Sakura - She spread pink sakura petal to her teammate to heal them. 

Phantasm Cremo - She change the type of flower field and cause illusion to akuma. 

Cactus Punch - She can change her hand into a cactus and punch at akuma. It her second offensive spell. 

Sunflower beam - She turn a 10 feet sun flower and absorb sunlight to shoot akuma. It need sunlight to activate this skill. The skill fail to damage millenium earl as she use it during dawn time. 


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