This is a song that describes the annoyance of the Central Agency,it is a spoof song of Family guy's FCC song


(Da na n-na-na-na!)

They take control of exorcists and make them do either that or this~

We bet guy or girl they have never kissed~

When they are out of the series they probably wont be missed!~

Their ideas are so ironic,they are ethnicly moronic,they are the Central Agency!~

(Da na n-na-na-na!)

They Control Exorcists in every single group~

And if they dont obey then they will send out every troop~

When Timcanpy see's even one agent his wings begin to droop!~

Every one of them's a power addict,we have finaly had it,they are the Central Agency!~

(Da na n-na-na-na!)

When Allen and Lenalee's feelings begin to take wing~

Its broken up by some Central ding-a-ling~

Because they are major killjoys!~

To the Generals of B.Order you better see this song first~

Because the Central Agency is bound to do their worst~

It's them not Allen's eye that is the real curse!~

Their leader needs a narcotic, he's praticly psychotic,he is the leader of the Central Agency!~