Toby Watts is a male exorcist working under Black order. He is under Russell Unit. He from Brazil. Point Breaker


Toby is a teenager in his 19. He has Spiky hair and 6 foot Tall. He wear a Normal Exorcist unform.


Toby is hot temper like Yu kanda. He always hate jordan. He dislike akuma and black order. He constantly in his bad mood.


Toby is scout by General Russell during his teenager years. He has a Moving shadow of its own. A particular large and moving shadow with its own will. Toby constantly suffer from it. This brought to black order attentioon General Russell then brought him in.


Toby become a very powerful Exorcist during his young ages. He is seem as prodigy by all the general. With his teammate, He achieve many mission. He even manage to fight of Noah in one particular incident. During an attack in Seoul, He manage to Harm Road Kamelot. He reach point breaker while fighting the noah.

He later turn against the Black order and attack the central after he found out what they have done to his teammate. He is later kill by Central.

Abilities and Powers

Eraser (Equipment type)

David possess a Parasite Type Anti Akuma Weapon..It attached with his shadow. He can Manipulate his shadow at will.

Shadow Coat- Upon activation, he can transform his Exorcist uniform into a shadow coat. It sleeve can turn into blade and attack

Ripper Blade- He can conjure blade from shadow.

Memory Erase - He can alter and erase memory by summoning the true body of innoncence. The shadow will erase any memory of the person it touch. This ability is gain from his childhood suffering, He suffering from Short term memory lose as the innoncence keep on deleting his memory


  • Forget
  • I will follow you like shadow.